Safeguarding public health

LODIGROUP solutions provide hygiene professionals with resources to protect against the physical, psychological, and economic impacts of targeted micro-organisms and species. LODIGROUP provides full-scope, conventional, and alternative solutions tailored to professional customers’ needs, combating micro-organisms and regulating invasive and other species liable to cause harm in urban environments.

Protecting Animal Health

LODIGROUP offers top-of-the-range products, made in France, adapted to the daily needs of farmers in the field. Livestock products ensure better working comfort in livestock buildings and guarantee animals living in a healthy environment.

40 years experience

On the strength of its experience, constant attention to innovation, LODIGROUP is the trusted supplier for partners, distributors and pest control operators worldwide.

60 countries worldwide

LODIGROUP International offer his clients bespoke solutions as closely as possible to the needs of local markets in over 60 countries worldwide.

600 products registered

A wide range of products for insect, rodent, hygiene and bird control deliver the right solution for any problem, type of environment and degree of infestation.


LODIGROUP International includes some 80 partners in over 60 countries. This network help-us to stay close to you and your needs. Please follow the blog section for our participation to exhibitions.

A new country for LODI!

After many years of work, on behalf of all the teams, we have just delivered Mexico for the first time! Almost 8 years of effort, of will, rewarded by this first sale. Mexico is one of the priority projects that will be handled this year by Export in close collaboration with Innovation, and the support of Management.

LODI RUS at Profitable Livestock 2021 in Russia!

LODI RUS represented by Valery and Daria, together with our distributor and partner in Rural Hygiene SIMBIO with Sergey and his teams in the South Russia Region in Krasnodar! 👍